Search and Rescue Report

NW Oregon, Keasey Formation
Andrew Bland

This trip report is getting posted a little late and I donít think it has stopped raining since this trip back in November 05í. Skip guided us on this trip to a new location, at least for me, to a quarry that has exposures of the Keasey Formation. 8 of us met up at the designated location and followed Skip to the quarry. It was a busy day on the logging road as it was opening day of Elk season in the area and I wonder what they thought of our caravan of 5 vehicles.

At the quarry Skip pointed out areas that have produced concretions in the past, mostly containing Pulalius vulgaris crabs. Luckily the weather cooperated during the first few hours of our trip and we where able to dig out numerous concretions. Toward the end of the day the rain started to come down and we all headed for home.

At home I popped the 30 or so concretion I brought back. I was pleasantly surprised to find a nice Portunities triangulum as well as several Pulalius crabs. What was interesting about the crabs I found was their size. They where much smaller, by half, of what we typically find in the Lincoln Creek formation of SW Washington.