Search and Rescue Report

Central Oregon Coast - Astoria Formation
Andrew Bland

Two days prior to this trip winds, up to 120 mph, were recorded along the coast and with numerous downed trees most routes were closed. Of course after the wind/rain a cold front moved in dropping temperatures to below freezing and making for some very slick driving conditions. Luckily my route was open but with ice on the road I didn't think I'd make it but once I made it to the interstate it was relatively smooth sailing to Newport.

I made it to the beach a few hours ahead of our scheduled meeting time and decided to check out one of my favorite spots. The tide was still high, which limited the area I could search. The storms we've had lately really pounded the coast and I couldn't recognize much of what I remember it being like just 6 months ago. I have fun looking but didn't find anything worth rescuing.

I met up with Jim and we hit the beach an hour early. The tide was out far enough that we could make it down the beach about a mile. I found a nice Polinices gastropod and Jim found two partial Trophons.

Working my way back to the truck I met up with the Schmidt Family, Kevin, Debbie and their two sons. I was expecting a few other NARG members but I decided not to wait since they're familiar with this stretch of the beach and could find us.

My primary purpose on this trip was to find a nice Dentalium schencki scaphopod. They are abundant in one particular area but are difficult to rescue due to their fragility so I brought along a few small tools to help in recovering one.

The tide was finally low enough to head up the beach. On the way I pointed out the Anadara layer and a few nice Anadara devicta were collected. I found a nice pinniped rib in matrix so I cleaned off to expose it better. Beach regulations strictly prohibit any digging in the sea wall so it was we left it for others to see. Although as fragile as it was it probably won't last a season before being eroded off. Also rescued on this trip were a few pectins and Macoma bivalves. I finally was able to recover a few Dentaliums but even with the care I took they came out in several pieces.

After a few hours of collecting we headed South down the beach back to the area I visited earlier in the morning. It was about mile to the location and the sun was setting but we had enough light to collect a few tiny concretions, two of which contained crabs.

All in all it was a good trip and even though it was cold we stayed dry, which is always a challenge to do this time of year on the Oregon Coast.

Members present: Jim Scheirbeck, Andrew Bland, Schmidt Family

Trip Pictures