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The Pacific Northwest region extends from Northern California through Oregon, Washington and British Columbia, and inland to Idaho. The geology we see today in the Pacific NW is the result of millions of years of mountain building by volcanism, folding and uplifting; massive lava flows that blanketed thousands of square miles; accretion of exotic terranes from the mesozoic to the paleozoic; and inexorable erosion, including ice age continental glaciation and catastrophic flooding that etched many of the geologic shapes we see today.

We welcome you to join us as we explore our region's extraordinary preservation of plant and animal fossil remains. Take a trip through time and seek out the youngest fossils in the Pleistocene terraces of the south coast and then visit Oregon's oldest outcrop -- a Devonian window into life 380 million years ago. Share in the collection and research of the Cenezoic -- from the cones of the Clarno to the crabs of the Keasey. Travel the country to rescue Miocene marine mammals on the central coast or the elusive sea monsters and their ammonite meals -- for a once-teaming Cretaceous ocean is now in the high desert region.

You are invited to help us search for and rescue our vanishing fossil record or, in the meantime, view our reports and see what we've explored in just a few exciting years.

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October 17-22,2007
Wally the Whale
Excavation Story

June 23-25, 2010
Green River Fm.
Douglas Pass, Colorado

August 9, 2010
Fisher Formation
Goshen, Oregon

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